Wild GA Shrimp Cocktail*  6 per order, Very Horseradishey Cocktail Sauce  14.

    East Coast Oysters*  4 per order, savory mignonette 14.

    Cured Pork Shoulder*  green strawberry, parsley  15.

    Grilled Frog Legs  salsa macha aioli, sesame, scallion  15.

  Three Southern Cheeses* dilly beans, apple butter, grapefruit marmalade  24.


    Tiny Tomato Salad*  half sour pickle vinaigrette, nasturtium, pickled red onion  12.

    Purple Hull Peas sweet peppers, pecan, lemon thyme, fresh cheese, chili  14.

    Goldilocks Pole Bean Caesar  oyster dressing, fried sourdough, romaine, trout roe  15.

    Grilled Squid Salad  confit potato, grilled hot peppers, ramp aioli, basil   15.

    Beef Tartare*  roasted corn, truffle, olive, jalapeño, mint, cured egg yolk, hibiscus   16.

    Blood Sausage macha braised lobster mushrooms, kabocha squash, apple, pepitas   16.

    Ramp Noodles  rye ramen noodles, butter, soy, sesame, scallion, egg yolk  17.

    Spaghetti & Meatballs Fra Diavolo pork, sourdough pasta, chili, basil, pecorino  18.

    Black Pasta  squid bolognese, lemon zest, parlsey, bread crumbs  19.

    Green Curry Mussel Stew  shishito peppers, lady peas peas, coconut milk, lime 18.

    Steamed Flounder  tomatillo salsa verde butter, chanterelles, green tomato, zucchini  25.

    DIY Steamed Duck Buns spicy cherry sauce, half sour pickles, scallion, sesame  24.

    Rack of Lamb  pistachio, broccoli stem pickle, vadouvan eggplant, spinach  27.


    Whole Roasted Chicken  baby lettuce, mushrooms, kale dressing, sunflower seeds  55.

    Dry Aged Ribeye* okra, vadouvan curry, basil, sesame, almond


Roasted Apple Sorbet  pecan streusel, thyme & bay anglaise  10.

    Spiced Chocolate Soufflé cayenne, star anise, peanut ice cream  18.

 (Please allow for a 22 minute cook time)

*THESE ITEMS CONTAIN UNDERCOOKED/RAW ANIMAL PRDUCT. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,

shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

If you have a food allergy, please speak with a manager before ordering.

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