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ate Night Starting at 10:15 PM


  Baby Lettuce  mushroom, kale dressing, sunflower seeds, yeast 12.

  Preserved Mussels*  harissa aioli, celery, saltines  12.

  East Coast Oysters*  4 per order, savory mignonette 14

  Wild GA Shrimp Cocktail*  6 per order, Very Horseradishey Cocktail Sauce  14.

Grilled Street Corn  duke’s mayo, togarashi, cilantro, pecorino, lime  5.

  Falafel Flatbread  pickles, yogurt, tahini, spiced cilantro condiment, lemon   8.

  Treehouse BLT  focaccia, marinated tomato, avocado, bacon, iceburg, duke’s mayo  9.

  Twice Fried Chicken Wings  cajun dry spice, ranch, lemon 12.

  Classic French Omelette three eggs, pecorino, chive, black pepper,

                                                   dressed local lettuces 11.

Spaghetti & Meatballs pork, sourdough pasta, calabrian chili, basil, pecorino  18.

  Spiced Chocolate Soufflé cayenne, star anise, coconut sorbet   18.

    (Please allow for a 22 minute cook time)

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